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Judicial marriage in Nepal is no longer the registration of CDO marriage, it is a legal issue and legal practice before the courts. For a foreigner or foreign citizen, everyone must follow the Nepalese marriage procedure. For legal professionals, you can follow 9851020168 or by email at For national and international marriages, you must follow certain criteria, rules and regulations that must meet the requirements of the Nepalese government in this regard. The Legal Service of Nepal provides the service to national and international citizens to marry through Nepalese courts. For marriage in Nepal, the CDO office does not have the authority to issue the marriage certificate to bridal gloom. For domestic marriage, the applicant must follow certain rules and prepare certain documents suitable for judicial marriage in Nepal. Only the court can issue the certificate, so you must follow the Marriage Law in accordance with the new Muluki Civil Code 2075 and only a lawyer can assist in the judicial marriage. We can offer you the wedding registration service at a cheap and affordable price. Marriage Registration: Upon signature of the oath in accordance with Rule 4, the Marriage Registration Officer shall submit the judicial marriage to the Marriage Register in accordance with Annex 4. Subsequently, applicants must appear before the judge or consulate general and register in the logbook (marriage register). At the end of the procedure, applicants receive a „marriage registration certificate“. The whole process can take from 1 to 2 days.

It is also designed to prevent the youngest wife from registering for court while she has another wife at home. Arrangements have also been made to contact the district court competent for the registration of marriages. You can`t go to just any district to get married. The recommendation of the local level that at least one boy or girl should be from the district concerned and that another person has remained in the same place for at least 15 days has been made mandatory. In case someone needs a copy of the marriage proposal, marriage certificate and other similar documents, the marriage registration officer will assign the copy of these documents within seven days, the fee being charged as follows: Any foreigner in the world can get married in Nepal. If a foreigner has the Nepalese partner, he/she can marry according to Nepal`s Marriage Act. It simply takes 16 days to complete the judicial marriage process for foreigners in Nepal. Declaration Detection: The parties to the judicial marriage sign an oath (declaration detection) when they accept or trust each other as husband and wife in a form specified in Schedule 3 and submit it to the marriage registration officer who agrees with section -8 of the Act. According to point 73 of the marriage chapter of the Civil Code, the marriage must be registered either before a court or before the competent authority (i.e. the municipal office or at the Nepalese embassy/consulate office). The authority must submit the marriage certificate within 15 days of submitting the application. In the event that you are not able to follow the traditional marriage process, and if it seems appropriate for various reasons to get married from the court, it is possible to get married according to certain procedures.

In a general sense, judicial marriage refers to a marriage registered before a court. The process of finding a groom worthy by the bride`s caretaker, decorating the bride and groom with ornaments, worshipping them and donating the bride. Marriages come in many forms. The most popular and traditional wedding in Nepal is the orange wedding. Apart from that, there are different types of marriages such as Brahmin marriage, Gandharva marriage, Prajapatya marriage, Utsav marriage, Asura marriage, registered marriage. Here it is worth briefly discussing these different types of marriages: marriage is regulated by the marriage chapter of the Civil Code 2017 (2074) in Nepal. Paragraphs 67 to 84 contain all the provisions relating to marriage. There is a difference between marriage registration and marriage by registration. A registered marriage is a judicial marriage. Not all marriages are registered in court, and it does not need to be registered in court. In special cases, the marriage may be solemnized by registration with a court.

As mentioned, marriage registration can be done in three ways: Registration of marriage by the court („judicial marriage“) Registration of the marriage of a couple who have already married through a social/religious ritual („receipt of the judicial marriage certificate by the municipal office“) For every foreign citizen who is willing to celebrate a judicial marriage in Nepal, the following documents must also be present: A. Judicial marriage in the same district, as indicated in your citizenship card.1. Photocopy of citizenship.2. Single Status Certificate (Proof of single status is very important for obtaining judicial registration of marriage. This document is provided by the municipal office where your citizenship will be issued.) 3. Passport photos – 44. Witnesses – 2 (1 on the bride`s side and 1 on the groom`s side)5. Photocopies of witness citizenship The practice of marriage registration in Nepal is increasing today. When registering a marriage, the court has 7 days to understand it. Does this mean they are already married? Didn`t they come to get married, to create evidence? When in doubt, it`s time to understand what`s needed. This can put an end to the practice of mixed marriage. Anyone wishing to register their marriage must submit an application to the competent district court with the following documents: Husbands and wives residing outside Nepal can apply for registration of a marriage at the Embassy or Consulate General of Nepal in the country where they reside.

It is expected that the officer concerned registers the marriage in the marriage certificates of his office and issues a „marriage certificate“ within 15 days of receipt of the application. The registration certificate after marriage is called marriage registration. When registering the application compatible with sub-rule (2), the marriage registrar shall enter the marriage or matrimonial relationship between them in the marriage register in a form specified in Annex 8, unless he refuses the registration because he considers that it is contrary to the applicable law. A Nepalese citizen may marry a foreign citizen. Nepalese law has recognized that marriage varies, but to marry each other, the prescribed rule must be followed by them. In international marriage, applicants must wait 16 days to obtain a marriage certificate from the legal authority. In the case of a Nepalese citizen, he can submit his identity as single, but for foreigners, they must prepare a slightly different document. For foreigners, judicial marriage in Nepal also required the letter of no-marriage and NO OBJECTION. The foreign citizen has the right to marry Nepalese citizens from any district office in Nepal. The age limit for international marriage is at least 20 years for both parties. Proof of nationality (copy of passport), photos of the applicant also required. Another disadvantage of judicial marriage is the rigor it requires of an applicant when submitting all documents.

When filling in documents, it is necessary to provide personal information in all the different forms. Another is with the affidavit, which is a notarized written statement. Judicial marriage applies to a couple who have traditionally not married and intend to marry legally. For this purpose, the application must be submitted to the District Court with the documents mentioned in the table below. Step 2- All documents are checked by the judicial authority. After the examination, the court registers the request and a day is set aside for an appointment. This article will help you learn about a detailed marriage registration process in Nepal, with a focus on what is commonly referred to as „judicial marriage“. Marriage process between a man and a woman who have the right to marry as husband and wife without the consent of the guardian. But not all registered marriages take place in court. Previously, marriages were registered by the District Administration Office, but according to the Civil Code, which entered into force on 20 September 2075, the registration of marriages was started from the District Court.

Step 3- On the scheduled date, both applicants must be present in court with their witnesses. The process of formally applying for a bride after the boy`s side and the girl`s side have been looking for a suitable person, and after the girl`s side has given consent, the boy`s side will bring a procession and the bride`s side will officially donate the bride. If there is a marriage application by registration, the official concerned must carry out the necessary investigation in this regard and decide whether or not the marriage will take place within 7 days of the date of the application. This is a period of 7 days to understand the evidence necessary for the request. There is a provision that, in case of doubt about the proposed marriage with the official in question abroad, it must be submitted to the Government of Nepal and will be done in accordance with the decision of the Government of Nepal. Home » Just In » Judicial Marriage Procedures in Nepal: Everything You Need to Know According to Marriage Chapter Nos. 76 and 77 of the Civil Code, persons residing abroad can register the judicial marriage before the Nepalese Embassy or Consulate Abroad….