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Separation of property during your marriage may not be possible without a court order. You must apply for legal separation or legal separation of property in accordance with articles 134 and 35 of the Family Code. Hello, I only have to ask what I should do if my ex-husband does not want to sign the legal separation? Is there a second option so he can`t force me to come back with him? I am moved for him because he has been together for 10 years, he has not given me money for my needs and my daughter, he has no job and a drug user. Financial support is nothing either. What must I do? I am from the Philippines. And the reason also why we marry legally in a civil society, it is because of my studies during this period that I already have a first year of university in a Catholic school and it is not allowed if your apartment hostel. That`s why we decided to organize a civil wedding. Does a civil marriage have a renewal? Will I continue this marriage or not? Hello lawyer, My husband and I have been physically separated for almost 2 years due to financial problems. I paid off our debts so we could get back together on a white vest. Unfortunately, the other woman has been appearing for 3 months living together again, claiming that she and my husband have been living as husband and wife for 1.5 years and are pregnant. Unfortunately, the baby died at birth. I do not know this and I still accept my husband for our child. But as the months went by, I felt he was doing it again for another woman.

He beats me physically and always says bad words when he is drunk and angry. Can I request cancellation or separation in respect of them? I want to make sure my child still has financial support, how can I do that? Thank you. It should be noted that the absence of personality disorders should not be confused with what constitutes a psychological disability, which could be a reason for the nullity of the marriage. Hello Atty., My husband and I haven`t had proper communication for almost a year. We have only been married for 2 years, I don`t know how to explain it, but life with him has no direction. We have 1 child, a boy who is currently in his care. I feel like he already had a relationship with other girls. And during our relationship, I found out that he also had several daughters. I ask him to have a legal separation, but he doesn`t want to, I never get money for me and my children. What`s the best thing I can do, I want to end our marriage, but it`s very expensive, is it really 200K above that? A three-year separation alone is not enough to invalidate the marriage, but it may indicate that there is a psychological disability.

Hello, how much does it cost to deposit a separation and a cancellation of body? The situation is that my wife and I just got married because I got her pregnant and the company she works in will fire her if she is pregnant but not married. But then I noticed that when she was irritable or hotheaded, harassed me, screamed at me and said bad things to me, it really affected me mentally and physically. It`s been 2 years because I work abroad and I continue to chase myself every day from everything she has done to me. I am the only one who provides for my children because she cannot support them even though she already has a job. You cannot file a legal separation application in the following cases: A legal separation action is only successful on the basis of the following reasons, as provided for in the Family Code of the Philippines: Hello lawyer, I am an OFW working in Taiwan. I would like to know what the cost of legal separation will be? Is it cheaper than cancellation? And since divorce could soon be implemented in the Philippines if legal separation has already been achieved, can it then be offered for divorce? Thank you! Good afternoon. What are the costs of legal separation? How long does it take? Can I manage the legal separation even if I am here abroad? What are the costs of the nullity proceedings? Can I change the cancellation even if I am here abroad? Thank you very much! My mother and father have been separated for over 16 years, currently my mother is in France and my father`s family lives here in the Philippines, please can you give me some advice as my mother wants to file a legal separation? What information and details or movement we should make and how much it will cost. Can my mother submit it in France? Is it possible that I can submit it for them as a son here in the Philippines? Thank you very much. If legal action on its part is necessary, it can consider which of the modes here is suitable for what it needs. We can specifically address these cases by contacting Hello Good Evening via our form. My wife asked me to leave her because she was tired of me 20 years ago.

And during that time, I wasn`t able to be a good husband and father because I became an alcoholic and used dangerous or illegal drugs. I was depressed at the time. It`s been 20 years now and I met someone who helped me recover and recover from an alcoholic and an illegal drug addict. I`ve been clean for 15 years now. Can I request a cancellation or am I still responsible if they know I have a girlfriend after 20 years of separation? Hello. I would like to ask if the null marriage applies to my friend`s case. He was separated from his first wife for more than 20 years, who now has a family with another man living abroad. His alleged wife (2nd) asked for a CENOMAR before the wedding and knew that my boyfriend is still married, but still forced him to marry her so that his parents would not be disappointed The girl is of age and already has a child. It apparently controls his finances and threatens to sue him if it is not granted exclusive management and income of its assets.

Thank you very much. I have been separated from my husband for about 12 years. He already has a different family since we have been separated for a year. Since then, he no longer communicates with me and my son, he no longer gives financial support or of any kind. How do I obtain legal separation? In the hope that you can help me. Thank you in advance. Infidelity or abandonment are reasons for legal separation. There may be other considerations. I will send you an email.

This means that even if there are valid grounds for legal separation, if the spouses have sexual intercourse after the reasons have been known, the court will not allow the legal separation. Hello Atty! I have been separated from my husband for about 10 years. Since then, he does not communicate with me and my two children, he does not give any financial support or any kind…